About Barbara Baron

Barbara Baron Nutritionist

Barbara Baron is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Family Meals Dietitian who’s helped hundreds of individuals, families, employers and organizations  realize the benefits of healthier food choices. She is the founder of “Be your own MVP™”, an individualized nutrition program based on Moderation, Variety and Planning, as well as the Family Meals MVP Guide. What’s more, Barbara is a realist. A busy mom and business owner herself, she is well aware of the nutrition challenges faced by today’s parents and employers. That’s why Barbara’s recommendations are based on realistic, personalized and achievable goals designed to build a healthier YOU, one meal at a time™!

Barbara Baron Family Meals MVPMost important, Barbara is a renowned expert on the subject of nutrition and meal planning for a variety of audiences. Over the past 30 years, she’s honed her expertise in many capacities, including:

A Brooklyn, NY native, Barbara Baron earned her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physical Fitness from New York University, and served her Dietetic Internship with the New York Presbyterian Hospital. In addition to being registered as a dietitian nutritionist with the Commission on Dietetics Registration, Barbara has received specialized training in pediatric, adolescent and adults weight management, sports and cardiovascular nutrition, and business communications.

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“Barbara is highly motivated, self-directed, and passionate… She is one of those individuals who still has the love of learning as well as the joy of teaching. She is very successful at both.”
–Kathleen T. Morgan, Dr. M.H.Chair, Family and Community Health Sciences, Rutgers


“Barbara truly has a passion for nutrition science and delivering this information in a manner that is easy to understand – whether to other health professionals or the public.”
— Lora Ragazzo, MBA,RDN NYSAND, Annual Meeting Coordinator, NY


“I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara Baron, who has conducted numerous presentations on nutrition and health to pre-med students, high school and middle school students.”
— Lynne Holden, MD,President, Mentoring in Medicine, Inc. Associate Professor, Clinical Emergency Medicine