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Registered Dietitian Barbara Baron
Barbara Baron in the kitchen

It’s not easy eating healthy. For many of us, nutrition often takes a back seat to juggling the demands of family, work and life. The idea of pulling together a balanced meal can seem exhausting — or just plain impossible.

That’s where Barbara Baron comes in.

Personal Coaching Barbara Baron

For more than 30 years, Barbara Baron has been helping individuals, families, employers and health care professionals realize the benefits of healthier food choices. Barbara is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with special training in pediatric nutrition, weight management for adults, adolescents and children, cardiovascular health and nutrition, and business communications. Now Barbara is ready to put her considerable nutrition expertise to work for you today! Here’s how:

Introducing Barbara’s Signature MVP Program

Barbara will work with you to develop a Personal Action Plan based on her signature “MVP” Program. MVP stands for Moderation, Variety and Planning, and it’s the foundation for tasty and nutritious family meals!

Family Meals MVP Guide

Associations and organizations of all types can reach out to Barbara to help improve their employees’ health and wellness. These types of programs are more important than ever, and Barbara’s Keynotes, Workshops and Workplace Wellness Programs are an ideal way to stay on top of the latest trends. She can help your employees make smarter food choices to keep them healthy, happy and productive.

Barbara Baron works with people juggling the demands of health, family and work so they have far more energy, time and family fun!

Nutrition Presentations Barbara Baron

She also works with busy parents, juggling the needs of teens, aging parents or both. She’ll help make you the family’s “Hero of Health” in this “sandwich” generation.

Check out Barbara’s Nutrition Tools and Tips for information on everything from smart mini meals to a three course dinner, from reducing blood pressure to managing your weight.

Contact Barbara Baron today, and start building a healthier you — one meal at a time!