Family Meals MVP Guide

MVP stands for Moderation, Variety and Planning in meal preparation! Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Barbara Baron will show you her signature method to becomingyour own “MVP,” and start making healthier food choices your whole family will enjoy!

Here’s how Family Meals MVP Guide™ works:



  • Flexible meal plan for the way you live
  • Foods that energize you
  • Portions to savor and save


  • Power Up with nutrient rich foods for vitality.
  • Maximize vitamins and minerals.
  • Fuel memories with family meals


  • Plan your meals, plan your time
  • Work in your work-outs
  • Personalized food shopping Tips

Are you ready to Jump Start your Health?

  • Do you juggle your health with family and work?
  • Do you need a meal plan that includes the foods you love?
  • Do you want to eat foods you love guilt free?
  • Do you want to enjoy family, friends and food around the table?
  • Do you want more energy, time, money and fun?

If you said yes to all five questions, you are ready to make some lifestyle changes.


Take these “ACTION” steps to make positive changes in your lifestyle:

A ssess your eating and physical activity
C hallenge yourself to make a change
T reasure yourself
I mplement with intent
O bserve the change
N urture that change


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