Custom Presentations

As a long-time Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Family Meals Dietitian, Barbara is highly sought-after to share her insight with individuals, community organizations, corporate groups, teams and many others. Health professionals are a specialty for Barbara, but she has years of experience bringing fresh new ideas to people in all walks of life.

Barbara Baron Nutrition Presentations

Listed here are just a few of the Presentation topics she has delivered to groups like yours over the years. You can schedule any or all of these, or work with Barbara to develop a completely customized presentation to address the specific concerns of your organization. Let’s talk about the details soon!

Stamina for Success

  • What 3 steps can you do today to boost your energy?
  • Which foods best fuel productivity at work and home?
  • Can snacking really work for me?

Brighter Minds, Brighter Futures – with Breakfast!

  • Why is that first morning meal so important?
  • What power nutrient is most satisfying?
  • What easy breakfast foods make the Grade for you, and your family?

Happy Healthy Memorable Family Meals

  • How are you making mealtimes memorable?
  • Is it better to serve family style, buffet, or plate your food?
  • Can you really enjoy a 3-course meal – guilt free?

Be “YOUR” Best to help them be “THEIR” Best

  • Is it really possible to focus on your health first?
  • How can you live with intent and be ready to take simple “Action”?
  • Which foods make a meal, and how a meal “makes” or “breaks” you?

Family Meals without Breaking the Bank (or Your Back)!

  • What 3 meal planning tools can you use for your busy family?
  • How can food shopping circulars spell meal savings?
  • How can family meals help healthy bodies & stories thrive?